Simple Setup for Enduring Performance

MREyes can be installed in virtually any MRI scanner lab without special tools, and without any costly and troublesome modifications which, themselves, could cause costly loss of scanner performance. Instead, MREyes can be installed in just minutes, without tools.

The camera is attached to the rear of the magnet using removeable adhesive. A high quality, but simple, adjustable nylon mount makes aiming the camera easy.

The single cable carries power for the camera and illuminator, as well as the video signal.  A rugged “XLR” type connector interfaces the camera to the compact converter box. All that's left is to run a small fiber optic cable through any available penetration panel to the console area. MREyes technology provides no practical limits on the location of the optical fiber, which can be as short as a meter or two, or as long as 2 km (!) if needed.

The simplicity of the configuration is a key to reliability. Beyond plugging the converters in to a wall outlet for power, there are only two cables and only three easy connections.