Consulting Services


MRI Purchasing and Site Design

Purchasing imaging equipment is not only costly, but often is exceedingly complex. MRI equipment differs greatly by vendors,typically with non-overlapping features and options. In practice, it seldom is possible to specify the scanner independent of consideration of other factors, including room layouts and building structural details.

Clear View Designs has helped to plan imaging centers across the country. We evaluate first the customer needs, and then the vendor purchase contract proposals. We consider factors such as the daily workflow, the competitive environment, the climate, patient flow, networking, building vibrations, and literally hundreds of other factors. Our company has expertise in architecture and building design, and can help you to create an optimal environment for your work. Feel free to ask for references; we have many enthusiastic clients..



Signal Processing

Signal processing challenges abound in both research, medical, and commercial applications. With multiple patents, literally thousands of classroom teaching hours and many products brought to commercialization, Clear View Designs, inc. can offer skills and knowledge in  both analog and digital signal processing. Our work includes low noise electronics, analog and digital filtering, and artifact reduction, electrical and acoustic noise cancellation, as well as statistical tools for the extraction of signal from noisy and difficult data.



MedicoLegal Service

Dr. Cohen, our principal, is a skilled expert witness in questions of medical imaging, neuroscience, and some neurological disorders. We are able to evaluate highly technical briefs and arguments, and to provide clear, comprehensive, and definitive reports that can aid in preparing your legal cases.



Machine Learning

We create methods of statistical pattern analysis (machine learning) applied to multimodal data. Developed originally for our work on brain reading, our group have produced novel and highly accurate methods of identifying hidden patterns in medical records, and disease patterns. The technologies we have created in areas such as dimension reduction and sparsification, expert-guided algorithms, and others, have been demonstrated to outperform alternatives on a wide range of applications. Importantly, we have access to a large network of collaborators able to complement our skills to address your challenges. 



Image Analysis

Images are powerful tools of inquiry and communication ubiquitous in scientific disciplines. Many of the problems we face in various imaging modalities are common, or even generic. We start from the position that images can be used as primary data for the testing of hypotheses, and that the most efficient means of extracting their information is to recognize that the best statistical power derives from the best models, be they spatial, temporal, spectral or multidimensional. We use state-of-the-art software, and our own algorithms to help you to gain the most from your image data.



Medical Imaging

With clients that in the past have included General Electric, Siemens, Resonance Technology, the University of Oregon, Columbia University, SMRT, Varian, Helsinki University of Technology, A.E. Mann Foundation, and many others, we provide consultation and support for instrument manufacturers, medical researchers, and device manufacturers in medical imaging.



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